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It was the 8th of October 1980 and the founders of Conaco were in an old fashioned pub located in the center of Milan when they came up with the idea to establish a company which core business consisted in the manufacturing and selling of components for piping.

Mr. Mainardi, Mr. Scarsi and Mr. Todesco decided unanimously the new company name should be “Conaco.

The company’s offices were located in Milan - Pza. San Marco 1 - while the first warehouse was in Fizzonasco a few miles away from Milan city center.

In 1982 Conaco was ready to expand and so they found a partner, Inoxfucine, which acquired 51% of the share-capital of Conaco Srl. The first task of the new ownership was to project and design the ”Y” type strainers in order to enlarge Conaco’s products range. Hence, the new production facilities were moved to Bareggio, in the North West of Milan.

In 1985 Inoxfucine incorporated Conaco as one of its divisions by buying its remaining quotas and Mr. Gianfranco Guindani was appointed as CEO. Since then, Conaco kept on expanding by acquiring a solid customer base and becoming one of the niche players operating in the European market for the production of strainers for the chemical and petrochemical industry. Conaco‘s brand is now a registered trade mark in the European Community and it is a synonymous of high quality filtration amongst the mayor engineering companies at a worldwide level.

On the 1st of December 2008 Conaco S.r.l. was established as contribution in kind of Conaco’s Filter Division, owned by Inoxfucine S.p.A, which enabled the new company to became the market leader in the design and manufacturing of cast and fabricated filters for sizes from 2” up to 80”.

Conaco S.r.l. presently has its manufacturing unit and headquarters located in a new modern facility in Montanaso Lombardo.

Today, Conaco S.r.l. is considered, at a national and international level, as the one manufacturer able to offer the complete range of filters and other components for piping. Conaco’s trademark is synonym of quality and technical expertise for the major EPCs and end users in the petrochemical industry.