Outstanding Level of Equipment and Technology

Inoxfucine built a strong know-how and competences, enriched also by investments in new technologies and state-of-the-art equipment making the production safer and more efficient. Latest improvement was 4.0 Industry implementation. We have machinery interconnected among them and management system. Indeed, every week we run equipment maintenance activities to check their conditions. Moreover, the quality control is crucial especially in our business, for this reason we have a laboratory that performs carefully analysis and specific tests overseen by our qualified professionals.
Laboratory Inoxfucine
Control panel Inoxfucine

Our key equipment

  • Hydraulic and oleo-dynamic presses
  • Power hammers
  • Furnaces for forging
  • Integrated heat treatment plants with automatic loader and devoted tanks
  • Motorized cooling tanks with different capacities
  • Ring rolling machines
  • Forging manipulators
  • Industrial saws
  • Equipment for machining
  • Shears
  • Submerged arc welding system
  • Welding positioners
  • Press brakes
  • Vertical and parallel lathes
  • Strainers hydraulic testing machine
  • Welders tig, mig, mag

The laboratory has the following machinery and tools

  • Tensile testing machines
  • Impact testing machines
  • Hardness testing machines
  • Optical emissions spectrometry
  • Positive material identification
  • Instruments to read Brinell values
  • Metallurgical test equipment including: micrographic, macrographic and corrosion test (strauss, huey, G48)

Lab & Equipment