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Over 60 Years of Experience
in Forging

Inoxfucine is focused on delivering valuable solutions to clients guaranteeing high reliability, capability, professionalism, passion, accuracy and attention to details.

These aspects are enriched by the impressive business network of Inoxfucine which enables to promptly assist all clients. Over the years, we established long term relationships with strategic suppliers and sales agents around the world.

This strategy allowed Inoxfucine to be awarded with important POs for prestigious projects and to enforce international presence.

What We Do

Our Two Divisions Forging and Strainer

We are specialised in open die forging (hot forging), rolling, stamping and relevant machining work of materials, such as: carbon steel, low carbon steel, ferritic stainless steel, martensitic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel, ferritic austenitic stainless steel (duplex and super-duplex), stainless steel age hardening, nickel alloys, titanium & titanium alloys and copper alloys. Forging division mainly supplies: rings, bushes, flat bars, flanges, balls, discs and special items.

Instead through Conaco strainer division we design and manufacture TEE type (bath tub and angle up to 80″) strainers, temporary, basket, fabricated and casting Y-strainers as well as special items such as sample coolers, sight glasses, spectacle blinds, exhaust heads, injection quills and adjustment joints.

Elite Company Inoxfucine


Beyond the Core Business

Since 2014, Inoxfucine is part of “Elite Group” (Borsa Italiana S.p.a.), a platform of private companies accurately selected through stringent criteria such as profitability, growth, management and market trends.

Elite Community contributed to improve financial skills and to enlarge the business landscape. As a part of the Community, Inoxfucine acts rigorously following the best practices in order to comply with the Stock Exchange regulations even though as private company.

Last but not least, Inoxfucine is member of Assolombarda, which is the largest territorial association of the entire entrepreneurial system in Italy, part of Confindustria.

Our History

  • Inoxfucine S.p.A. headquartered in Montanaso Lombardo, was founded in 1963 by Dr. Pietro Pugassi together with Gianfranco Guindani.
    Since the very beginning Inoxfucine has been engaged mainly in the development of special metal alloys for chemical, pharmaceutical and food plants.
  • Through the years the Company has always followed closely all development and integration of new metal alloys.
    Thanks to this approach, Inoxfucine was equipped with technologically advanced equipment for open die forging of stainless steel including duplex and super-duplex alloys, nickel alloys and carbon steel.
  • In the first years from its establishment, Inoxfucine implemented an investment plan aimed at starting-up the business with the development of machinery and know-how for heat treatment of stainless steel, which allowed to entry in the supply of forged components even for automotive industry.
  • In 1982, in order to increase the product categories Inoxfucine acquired 51% of Conaco, a SME engaged in the manufacturing and selling of components for piping.
  • In this decade, Conaco was fully incorporated in Inoxfucine and specialised itself in manufacturing of a wide range of cast “Y” type strainers, including patterns for all sizes from 1/2” to 24” and all ratings from #150 psi to #4,500 psi.
  • The production range includes also TEE type bath-tub strainers, single Basket in-line strainers and Temporary strainers from 2” up to 80” size. Construction materials are carbon steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and exotic alloys.
  • Inoxfucine forging division has pursued the expansion plan in the open die forging market through investments for ring rolling machines, machining plant and a specialized laboratory to perform in-house all mechanical and metallurgical tests.
  • Throughout this period, Inoxfucine built a well-known reputation for commitment suppling products in strategic industries as nuclear, aerospace and healthcare always keeping the leadership also for driving sectors such as chemical, food and pharmaceutical.
  • Over the years, Inoxfucine began the evolution process specializing also in components for valves in oil & gas industry becoming an excellent supplier due to the gained experience in transforming and machining special titanium alloys and forging duplex & super-duplex alloys.
  • To compete globally, Inoxfucine has expanded its production site and raised exponentially its technical capabilities through the integration of new machinery and highly specialised workers.
  • The Company finalised an ownership reorganization through a MBO to replace stakeholders not any longer involved in the management. Afterwards, Inoxfucine sold strategically the land and buildings to the real estate company Alulochi a newly created firm now named Inoxfucine Group.
  • Inoxfucine completed the manufacturing plant expansion strategy aimed to prepare suitable spaces for future machinery installations
  • The Management settled the agreement for Conaco division spin-off forming two separate legal entities and achieved the generational passage.
  • Inoxfucine accomplished the ambitious plan for certifications ISO 9001, 14001, 45001. Recently, the certifications have been renewed successfully until 2023.

During these 6 years, Inoxfucine has achieved essential steps for its growth such as:

  • Celebration 50 Years of activity since its foundation
  • Compliance to the highest standard requirements obtaining product certifications as Norsok M-650
  • Inclusion in worldwide EPCs vendor list
  • ASME authorization (Conaco)
  • Admission in “Elite Group” of Borsa Italiana
  • Association in Assolombarda
  • Investments focused on 4.0 Industry making the products range wider and suitable to the most demanding requests
  • Gaining Patent Box tax benefits, an official acknowledgement issued from Italian Tax Authorities which confirms the know-how and software applications competitive advantages for both Inoxfucine and Conaco in their specific market segment
  • Acquisition and incorporation of Conaco which goes towards the dimensional growth and internationalization of Inoxfucine business
  • Recently, Inoxfucine built a new eco-friendly facility making cutting activities more efficient and increasing machining process reducing the environmental impact.
  • Nowadays, Inoxfucine through its experience and production capacity guarantees more and more high quality and customization for all kinds of product in order to better meet client needs.
  • Conaco division represents a unique value for Inoxfucine due to its strong reputation with major international engineering companies in the world as a top designer and manufacturer of strainers for piping.

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