Duplex Skid Basket

The Duplex Skid Basket is composed by two Basket strainers either type 507, 490 or special design according to client needs, and four wafer type ball valves connected by pipework to form a single duplex filter package

  • While this configuration results in a larger footprint than the one of a conventional compact duplex strainer, it offers many advantages: ​
    • Greater flexibility in the choice of materials​
    • Easier replacement of screen and to clean​
    • Interchangeability of parts with Conaco simplex strainers​
  • Full traceability of all parts of all strainers ever produced


Type 514

  • ANSI rating: from #150 psi to #2,500 psi ​
  • Size: from 2″ to 60” and larger

Standard Materials

  • Carbon steel ​
  • Low carbon steel​
  • High alloy and alloy steel​
  • Special alloy

Available Special Features

  • Screen: double or triple layers (mesh on perfplatemesh on mesh) magnetic assemblies 
  • Drain: any combination of nipplesflangesvalves and plugs
  • Vent: optional connection
  • DP gauge: optional connections
  • Lining: epoxy, cladding and rubberizing
  • Coating: any painting cycle

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