Y Large

For more than 40 years Conaco “Y” strainers have been considered as the industry standard for the protection of valves, pumps, turbines and any other pipeline equipment requiring a contaminant-free operation​.

  • Very low pressure drop, due to generously sized screen, an exclusive proprietary software can calculate the pressure drop for any design condition and strainer configuration ​
  • Can be supplied with hinged cover​
  • Very high corrosion allowance on thickness for longer life  ​
  • Full traceability of all parts of all strainers ever produced


Type 717

  • ANSI rating: from #150 psi to #2,500 psi
  • Size: from 2″ to 60” and larger

Standard Materials

  • Carbon steel ​
  • Low carbon steel​
  • High alloy and alloy steel​
  • Special alloy

Available Special Features

  • Connections: clamps or special flanges​
  • Screen: double or triple layers (mesh on perf. plate, mesh on mesh) magnetic assemblies ​
  • Drain: any combination of nipples, flanges, valves and plugs​
  • Vent: pptional connection​
  • DP Gauge: optional connections​
  • Lining: epoxy, cladding and rubber​izing
  • Coating: any painting cycle

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